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On-line course & Summer School in Dublin

On-line course and Summer School in Dublin

Apply now for the NICE project - gain academic credit, apply to attend a summer school and develop in-demand skills!

Applications to the NICE project are now open!

The NICE project offers:

  • Entrepreneurship and intercultural competence skills to become more employable after graduation
  • Academic credit from the University of Edinburgh
  • The chance to attend a summer school in Dublin

What will you do on the NICE project?

On the NICE project, you will work as part of a team of students from across Europe to solve a Global Challenge. You’ll also work through online modules focused on intercultural competence and entrepreneurship, and a self-directed, reflective learning course.

There is no fee to join the NICE project and there is part-funding available for those who are selected to attend the summer school.

The NICE project is open for applications – the deadline to apply is January 21 2019.

Find out more about the project and how to apply

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